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Lacoste is a French company founded in 1933 by René Lacoste, the company is recognized worldwide for its clothes and its crocodile logo.
René Lacoste one of the so-called "four Musketeers" was a successful tennis player, won in 1927 and in 1928 Davis Cup, 3 times 2 times Wimbledon, among other tournaments, Roland Garros.
Although perhaps his best-known role is that of businessman as that in the beginning he created their own t-shirts for your personal use on the tennis courts.
André Gillier, owner of one of the largest factories in the time proposed to found a society for the exploitation of the shirts with the alligator. Little time later already had the company created. T-shirts created by Lacoste revolutionized tennis of the season, substituting the classic lattice fabric and long-sleeved t-shirts.
Starting as well and gradually mark began to expand around the world. In 1963 René Lacoste invents the first steel tennis racket, this marked a breakthrough in the world of tennis and launching the brand to the top. Today in the Lacoste brand, can find variety of items such as: clothing, footwear, leather goods, sunglasses, watches, textiles for home and Perfumes.
Among the most popular fragrancesthe following perfumes Lacoste Lacoste perfumes for men and women:
Lacoste pour Homme- Lacoste pour Femme - Lacoste Elegance - Lacoste Challenge - Lacoste Touch Of Pink - Lacoste Joy of Pink

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