Frequently asked questions

1. How much time I will be late in receiving my order?

For orders shipped outside of Spain, the delivery time ranges from 2 to 7 business days.

For orders to the mainland, orders usually take between 24 and working 72 hours after taking the payment.  Although generally the delivery time of orders not greater tan 24 hous.

The delivery time for orders shipped to the Balearic Islands is working 24/72 hours or so.

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2. How muchs is the delivery?

The price of shipping to Europe from 9,95€

The price for shipping to mainland Spain is 5,95 € to be free if order exceeds 120 €.

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3. If my order is more than one item. Does it cost the same shipping costs?

Depending on the item depending on weight and volume, price may vary.

For shipments to Spain there is any price increase.

4. How I can Pay at

Payment by credit card. 

It is the Means of payment RECOMMENDED. is no data or store credit card. Payments Are Handled Through the secure gateway SERVIRED. Payment by credit / debit card is Not Associated with Any commission to the customer. 


Payment by bank transfer. 

The Purchases Are eleven processed by bank transfer or the transfer Takes effect on submission of the bank. Our account is numbres 0081-5209-24-0001067609 Bank Sabadell S.A. (for transfers made from Spain) 

Is you transfer from Another Country These Are Our data: 

ES47 0081 5209 28 0001094211 / BSAB ESBB   Bank Sabadell S.A.

The delivery of bank statements by email Will Be Made to the Following address: 


Cash on delivery 

Upon receipt of the request for your order, we process it and send it quickly. There is no fee in advance. Normally this is the least Desirable form of payment, as it Applies to 2.0% with a minimum of 1,5 €. This is due to price Increase charge transport agencies to Apply to this mode of delivery.
Only valid mainland Spain.


5. Are all Original perfumes?


All our perfumes are original, ALL.

Are as they leave the factory, with its box, liners and seals. Are exactly the same you would buy in your usual perfume.

We do not sell perfume without box or testers, the sale or purchase of these items is an illegal action.


6. If they are originals, why are they so cheap?

This is a question we do every day. The reason that our prices are not in competition is simple.

We do not have the expenses that there could have a perfumery of the whole life, to the being a virtual shop we reduce to the maximum the expenses, which does that we have logically better prices.

To part of the expenses, we are lucky to work hand to hand with one of the principal distributors of perfumery and Europa's cosmetics what guarantees the best prices.

7. Can I do an order for telephone?

Yes, to make a phone order call us at 902 044 366, one of our representatives will be pleased.
The payment for phone orders is only through Cash on Delivery or Bank Transfer.