Carolina Herrera Perfume - The elegance of a modern woman

Elegance and femininity are fused in perfumes Carolina Herrera, designed by and for modern woman who takes the reins of its destiny. Therefore, their essences are directed to a sensual and sophisticated, who prefers the minimalist touch a jar of simple but cute lines.

Carolina Herrera Perfumes take as inspiration New York woman, practical, feminine and very active. As can be seen both in the design of the bottle and in the mixture of oils that emerge from its interior, a user is confident in the perfume becomes a second skin.

The love affair with perfumes Carolina Herrera will be different... eternal metal because knowing blending features of modern women in their proposals aromatic, with the delicacy of a being who wants to enhance beautiful notes which are peculiar distinction.

The good taste that follows the firm is reflected in perfumes Carolina Herrara, who deserve a starring role in our daily lives. Perhaps that is why their proposals aromatic arrive with a breath of fresh air within an urban lifestyle.

From the classic line of CH to the sensual and youthful 212, through the chic or the original French style, Carolina Herrera offers a fragrance in perfume or cologne, for you.

Desde la línea más clásica de CH hasta las sensual y juvenil 212, pasando por la más chic o por el originario estilo francés, Carolina Herrera te ofrece una fragancia, en perfume o agua de colonia, ideal para ti.

Funny, special, fresh... so are the perfumes Carolina Herrera.


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