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HUGO BOSS perfumes

Founded in 1924 by the German Hugo Ferdinand Boss in Metzingen. It was a time difficult for Germany, as the country was plunged into a severe economic depression and a few years later had to plead bankruptcy. In 1931 he decided to start with the business, reaching an agreement with its creditors, these let you 6 sewing machines. It was the era of the nazi Germany, then if you were not part of the party you had it difficult to thrive in the country, in the same year became a member of the party, becoming the official designer of the uniforms of the SS. Hugo Boss died in the year 1948 and mark restructuring thanks to two of her grandchildren. They began a deep restructuring of the company, instead of military uniforms, they began to create clothing designs for men.  Between 60 and 70 brand became benchmark for high-end products and men's fashion accessories. Since then the brand is becoming more popular and began to expand its product portfolio, creating a complete line of clothing for women. At the beginning of year 1993 Boss puts on sale its first fragrance. After the enormous success, the brand remains grow, being the division of perfume Hugo Boss, one of the most important parts of the company. Among leading perfumes by Hugo Boss: Boss Bottled - Hugo - Boss In Motion - Boss Orange - Woman Boss Woman - Hugo Deep Red - Boss Element - Hugo Energise - among others.

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