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Marcel Rochas He was born in Paris in 1902, the history of the firmRochasIt starts when Marcel is 20 years old and decides to inaugurate the House of Haute Couture in Paris. His incredible talent soon positioned him within Parisian society more exclusive from the beginning of the 20th century.
In 1936 already world-renowned for its designs, he created "Air Jeune" fragrances, "Audace" and "Avenue Matignon", these perfumesthey do all the rage among the people of the time, cuativando with their designs women most influential and richest in Europe and Hollywood stars.
In 1944 he founded the society"Parfums Rochas", which would be dedicated to the study and research of new fragrances, in which perfumes and most famous cosmetic brand, created as the" perfume for men "Moustache". In 1955, Rochas dies and his wife Helene is made by the company, shortly afterwards in tribute to her husband thePerfume"Madamme Rochas"Under the direction of his wife, brand experiences a major expansion by everyone, thanks above all to the"Perfume Eau de Rochasin 1970. Already at the beginning of the 1990s the brand hires Peter O'Brien as artistic director and responsible for ready-to-wear, it was he who had to return the brand to the world of Haute Couture. In relation to PerfumeryToday we can find:
Rochas Man, Aquaman, Eau Fraiche Eau Sensuelle, Muse de Rochas or Rochas Homme.

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