Bvlgari Perfumes - Feminine and acidic note

The fusion of scents found in Bvlgari perfumes make almost indescribable, so sweet and yet so acidic ... A liquid jewel that permeates our body of elegance and sophistication.

In PerfumesyRegalos find from the most romantic line of perfumes bvlgari, represented by perfumes like Mon Jasmin, to modern and innovative in design and for their innovative combinations of essences, as well reflected in the line Omnia Coral, Amethyst, Green Jade. ..

For the signature Bvlgari perfume is a key piece of women inherent in their personality and are therefore inspired by ancestral rituals and tea culture.

Bvlgari Perfumes include essential notes of green tea, jasmine and other fabulous herbs which combined together in perfect proportion, lead to a completely compelling and delicate fragrance.

Our online store Bvlgari perfume we present all versions of brand fragrances launched at a price so irresistible fragrances. Because now it is affordable luxury.

The Bvlgari brand seems to explore the aromas in the own Eden and then encapsulate their magic in vibrant designs, luxurious and majestic textures that can only come from nature in its purest state and charismatic.

Feel it releases delicious aromas, from a Mediterranean paradise that inspired each line of perfume. Young and seductive and cheerful woman Bvlgari perfumes introduce you to the world of women, forging that bond so intimate that you create between her and her fragrance, you get to become his personal odor which arises without a sense of nakedness.

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