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In the year 1967 Norman Orentreich a prestigious dermatologist was interviewed by the editor of Vogue magazine for a story called "Can I create a great skin?" that article was about the basic needs of the face and how to make it look radiant. In the interview, Orenteich revealed that it was enough to make a simple routine of three steps should be repeated twice a day to care for the skin: cleaning, exfoliation and hydration.
Leonard Lauderdirector of Estee Lauder, to read the publication, got in touch with the dermatologist to propose working together on a line of skin care, shortly thereafter in 1968 was born Clinique becoming the first cosmetic brand created by dermatologists, aiming to create products of the highest quality and effectiveness for each type of skin needs.
Today the brand Clinique is a world leader in cosmetics for women Although we can also find Clinique perfume of the highest quality, such as:
Aromatics Elixir -Happy Clinique - Happy Clinique Men 

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