Perfumes from Guerlain

Perfumes by GUERLAIN

Mark Guerlain is the signature of perfumes oldest in the world, founded in 1828 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, was a visionary of the time, physician and chemist by profession, he opened his first store in Paris in 1928.
His great success was in 1953 when created"Eau de Cologne Imperialeby this fragrance the Empress Eugenia de Montijo (wife of Napoleón III), has won the title of perfumer supplier of her Majesty which led him to create perfumes for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Queen Isabella II of Spain.
With the death of Pierre-François in 1864 take her sons Gabriel, Pierre and Jacques, who is responsible for the direction and creation.
The company was in the hands of the Guerlain family until the year 1994 which was acquired by the LVMH group, a company specialising in luxury brands.
Between the perfumes by Guerlain You can find currently include:

L'Iinstant Guerlain - Samsara - Guerlain Vetiver

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