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KENZO perfumes

Kenzo Takada Japanese fashion designer, born in 1939 in Hyogo, was the founder of the brand clothing Kenzo. From a very small already had clear I wanted to study design began his career doing fashion for department stores in Tokyo.
In 1965 he went to Paris to acquire knowledge and see the lifestyle of the French capital. Its beginnings in France were hard, especially cost him to adapt to the culture and way of life so different from Japan.
Little by little a place was gaining in the fashion environment and five years later in 1970 presented his first exhibition at the Vivienne Gallery, being a success. That same year opened its first shop "Jungle Jap" and came out on the cover of Elle magazine. Today the Empire of Kenzo It has more than 25 shops spread around the world and several centers of studies in France. The brand specializes in clothing for man, woman and child, accessories, shoes, accessories, accessories and fragrances.
Between the Kenzo perfume for women highlights: Flower by Kenzo, Kenzo Amour.
The Kenzo perfumes for man best sellers are: L'eau Kenzo and Kenzo pour Homme.

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