Perfumes from Valentino


Valentino Clemente Ludovicio Garavani, known as Valentino is a born fashion designer in Italy in 1932. From a very young became interested in the world of fashion, began working with his aunt Rosa who had a local clothing. With 17 years he decides to go to Paris to study at the school of fine arts. In the French capital had numerous works with large acclaimed designers: Jacques Falt, Balenciaga, Jean Desses and two years with Guy Laroche. After this last work with Laroche in 1959 he returned to Italy and set up his own company. Actually his leap to fame, was when his famous "V" appeared in 1967 when it launched its "Valentinos completo White" collection which for the first time. These designs called much attention, especially to some Hollywood stars, spurring its international expansion. Since then many prestigious awards behind him. Today in relation to perfumes, are the most popular brand: Valentino woman Very, Very Valentino man, Rock Rose and Rock Rose Couture.

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