Perfumes from Sarah Jessica Parker


The famous actress Sarah Jessica Parkera village of Ohio in the United States was born in 1965 in Nelsonville. From very small it began to dance with the Ballet of Cincinnati, a few years later, in 1977, she and her family had to move to New Jersey where she continued dancing with the American Ballet Theatre, who gave him the opportunity to improve their technical and made her debut in several works with the ballet company.
Only two years after the shuttle, would get his first role as a protagonist in the play Annie. Critics praised following the success of the play and both did that already Hollywood producers had set it. In 1984 she starred in her first film "Footloose" alongside Kevin Bacon, resulting in a box office hit.
Since rained down it bids by making films. But the bad criticism of some of them, generated to slowly stay without cinematic offerings. This failure made him regeresar to the theatre, where a few years later returned to succeed. Despite that it was highly valued in the world of theatre, her big break was when it was called to coprotagonizar the series sex in New York, one of the series most successful of the history around the world. Thanks to this series it buoyed his career, becoming the icon that is now. Now has a clothing line and perfumes. Its most popular fragrance is the Lovely perfume

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