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Germanie Émilie Krebs best known as Madame Gres was born in Paris in 1903, began his career as a sculptor influenced by minimalist tendencies. He started in the world of fashion in 1933 designing evening dresses. His creations you valiron first place prize of Haute Couture in Paris. In 1942 he founded the Mark Greshis style was imposing and creating trend, so that with the course of the years thanks to her perseverance and her good making firm was awarded with the "golden needle".
Its first Perfume It was released in 1959 "Cabochard", although years later would be called Gres Cabotine, which nowadays is known.
In 1976 and was recognized as a genius of the seam by their colleagues. In late 1984, Madame Gres sold the company to Bernard Tapie and this four years later sold it to the Japanese group Yagi Tsuho Limited.

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