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JESUS del POZO perfume

The Madrid Designer Jesús de el Pozo It is one of the most prominent designers of Spain, characterized by being one of the favourites for the famous national. in 1974, it opened its first store of clothing on calle Almirante de Madrid. In 1976, he presented his first collection at the SEHM in Paris. Early 1980s well Cibeles presented his first collection of clothing for women on the catwalk. At the end of the 1980s the company gets full on the Japanese market and after harvesting a great success made Cristóbal Balenciaga national award to the best Spanish designer. "After its international expansion the designer expands its horizons and in and launches her first fragrance"Goblin", a few years later created the" Halloween perfume in 1997, a top sales in the domestic market. The most recent Jesús de el Pozo fragrances are On it and On her.

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