Perfumes from Paco Rabanne


The Spanish Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo "Paco Rabanne"born in Guipúzcoa in 1934. His mother was the Balenciaga head seamstress and his father was Colonel of the Republican forces, in the war that is why Spanish civil was shot by the Francoist troops. His mother and he had to go into exile in France in 1939. There he studied architecture and began in the world of fashion designing pieces of jewellery for such houses as Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy.
In 1965 he began his career as a designer to present a collection of dresses that called them "Unwearables", including metal and plastic dresses. As a result, it appeared on several covers of magazines around the world. He was a pioneer in using unconventional materials, creating an original, unusual and extravagant fashion.
In 1967 she opened in Paris his own Couture House, where also creates its line of fragrances and cosmetics. In 1969 with the collaboration of the Group Puig they bring to market its first Perfume "Calandre', two years later launched the male perfume"Paco Rabanne pour homme"
In the 1980's Paco Rabanne It achieved international success with their perfumes, sale "Métal", "La Nuit", "Sport" and "Ténere" can now be found Paco Rabanne perfumes of great international success as: Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet Man, XS Balck, 1 Million o Lady Million.

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