Perfumes from Swarovski

Perfumes Swarovski

Swarovski was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895 in Wattens,Austria. His father had a shop cut glass, it was there that started in the craft of glass, eventually becoming a full expert. There he had the idea to create a new machine for cutting glass, using some very innovative new techniques that allowed for clean cuts quickly and accurately. These crystals were cut and transformed into jewelry, were very successful and were highly coveted. From the twenties, the company begins to embroider dresses dance with crystals and pearls, then apply their crystals shoes and accessories. One of the sons of Daniel, Wilhelm in 1935 made A prototype of binoculars, thanks to the brand got binoculars survive the difficult years during II World War .Today the brand has a line of jewelry, comprising: rings, bracelets,necklaces, earrings, who have made the glass jewels of great value. Besides jewelry, under the name of Swarovski You can find many objects, such as clocks, vases, bags, bowls, fashion accessories and even a line of perfumes. As for her perfume can find Aura Swarovski. As expected the design is unique, it is a crystal asymmetric, especially carved to reflect light and its nuances.

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